Organizational Structure

SITE limited by virtue of policy decision through Sindh government no.24-1.b/47.1 dated 2-6-1947 under companies act, 1913 now companies ordinance 1984 as a company limited by guarantee and having no share capital.

The company works through board of directors appointed by the general body by nomination under article no.30 by the members of company at present there are 9 Members of the board out of which 5 members are nominated by the government of Sindh and 4 members are elected through general body out of tenant members on the List of members recently about six months back the government of Sindh has nominated the Secretary Industries as a members of board and he will chair the meetings of the board. The board has taken one members from nooriabad to give presentation to the tenants of nooriabad accordingly, the numbers of  directors now is eleven out of which six members are nominated by the Sindh government  and five members are from among the Tenants. The Chief Executive for the Company is Managing Director who is appointed by the Government and on behalf of the Board is a delegated full power to meet expenditure on development and maintenance of SITE Limited against annual budget sanctioned by the Board every year. 

The Managing Director is assisted through Divisional Heads viz. Director Technical, whois in charge of Engineering Division, Director Finance, who is incharge of accounts of SITE Limited and Internal Auditor, Incharge of audit  and is responsible to the pre-audit. The Secretary is in charge of Administration and miscellaneous matters an organizational chart is annexed herewith.

Board of Directors:

SITE Ltd., is governed by Board of Directors consisting of 15 Members (8 from Government officials and 7 from Tenants of SITE). Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company appointed by the Government of Sindh.

 1.        Secretary Industries Department.

 2.        Secretary, Planning & Development Department.

 3.        Secretary, Excise & Taxation Dept.

 4.        Managing Director, Sui Southern Gas Co. Ltd.

 5.        Chief Executive Officer, K.E.S.C.

 6.        Managing Director, KW&SB.

 7.        Chairman, Area Electricity Board, Hyderabad

 8.        Managing Director S.I.T.E. Limited.

 9.        M. Nisar Shekhani, Chairman, SITE Association of

            Industry, Karachi.

10.        Mr. Arshad Tanveer, Tenant Directors from SITE


11.       Mr. Mr. Abdullah Rafi, Tenant Directors from SITE


12.       Dr. Arshad Vohra, Tenant Director from SITE Super

            Highway Karachi.

13.       Mr. Siraj Kasam Taili, Tenant Director from SITE


14.       Mr. Mazharul Haq, Tenant Director from SITE


15.       Mr. Khalad Mehmood Khan, Tenant Director from SITE




General Body consisting of 60 Members out of which 35 from Government Officials and 25 from Tenants of SITE. 


Mr. K. B. Rind.

Syed Anwar Haider

Mr. Muhammad Saleem Khan

Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Soomro

Mr. Ghulam Ali Shah Pasha

Mr. Zia ul Islam

Mr. Hafiz ur Rehman

Mr. Abdul Subhan Memon

Capt. (Rtd.) Nasar Hayat

Mir Hussain Ali

Mr. Muhammad Shareef Baloch

Mr. Khalid Mehmood Soomro

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Kazi

Mr. Gul Muhammad Umrani

Mr. Aftab Ahmed Memon

Mr. Shafiq Ahmed Khoso

Mr. Abdul Ghani Bachani

Mr. Rasheed Alam

Mr. Mazhar Ali Sahito

Capt. (Rtd.) Hashim Raza

Secretary, Labour, Transport, Industries & Commerce Dept. Govt. of Sindh.

Secretary, Finance Dept. Govt. of Sindh, Karachi.

Secretary, Irrigation & Power Dept. Govt. of Sindh, Karachi.

Secretary, Excise & Taxation Dept. Govt. of Sindh, Karachi.

Secretary, Planning & Dev. Dept. Govt. of Sindh, Karachi.

Chairman, Area Electricity Board, Hyderabad.

District Coordination Officer, City District Govt. Karachi.

District Coordination Officer, District Govt. Jamshoro.

District Coordination Officer, District Govt. Sukkur.

District Coordination Officer, District Govt. Hyderabad.

Member (LU) Board of Revenue, Govt. of Sindh, Karachi.

Chief Executive Officer, K.E.S.C. Karachi.

Managing Director, Sui Souther Gas. Ltd., Karachi.

Managing Director, KW&SB, Karachi.

Managing Director, SITE Limited.