SITE Tando Adam

S.I.T.E Tando Adam.

After inception of Pakistan in the year 1947 the Government of Pakistan made vigorous efforts to establish industries in small and big cities in varying degrees according to the availability of manpower, material, skilled and non skilled work force in the respective areas.

The industries available at the time of partition were of no significant value. The present industrial estates have been established on the pattern of British Industrial Estates.

The Industrial Estate of Tando Adam was established in 1952 especially to cater the needs of agro based industries in particular and other in general.

This Estate has an area of 150 acres of land having about 44 industries of various categories such as Textiles, Oil Mills and Silk Mills etc.

The estate has been provided with all the facilities and amenities required for running the industries such as roads, electricity, telephones, gas etc. The area is now fully occupied by the industries which are flourishing day in and day out. The Estate is connected with network of district roads joining National Highway and Pakistan Railway.