SITE Kotri

S.I.T.E Kotri.

Situated on the right bank of River Indus over an area of 1875 acres Kotri Industrial Trading Estate Limited was incorporated in 1960 on the pattern of Trading Estates of United Kingdom. With all modern infrastructures available on the site and the second largest city of Sindh Hyderabad, across the river, this Industrial Estate has developed into prosperous and progressive Industrial Trading Estate housing all kinds of industries with huge turn over and good profit margin. 

Linked with National Highway and the National Railway System, the Estate is connected with all parts of the country as well as the Seaports and Airports.

The Estate located just above 160 kilometers from Karachi is extremely lucrative for setting up industries engaged in the production of varied types of finished goods both for local consumption and export, Spinning trade, however, is most prosperous here