SITE Karachi

S.I.T.E Karachi

At the time of partition in 1947 Pakistan had no industrial base worth the name. Karachi which was selected as the capital of Pakistan as it was only Seaport and International Airport of the country. Karachi was, therefore, selected as the finest location to begin with arduous and onward journey to industrialization of the country. It was the realization of this objective that Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (SITE) was established in 1947 over an area of 4460 acres of land on U.K. pattern and an appropriate sum of money was allocated to put the industrial estate on its feet.

SITE has rail and road links with seaport which also connects the rest of the country. SITE comprises Industrial Units and godowns providing employment to hundreds of goods and services. It has generating billions of rupees worth of goods and services. Its has provided the largest industrial base which is a major contributor in the export earnings of the country.

Today SITE is the largest Industrial Trading Estate in Asia. With constant modernization and infusion of new and modern technology it has been maintaining its status. At its inception, it had only local industrial units but today a sizable number of multinationals are also using its infrastructural facilities.

Even after the capital shifted from Karachi to Islamabad, SITE continued to develop and grow and has maintained its leadership in the industrial sector and continues to work for the prosperity of Pakistan.